The examination commences by firstly assessing and examining the horses posture standing and/or moving(ridden or non ridden), ascertaining the problem(s) through observation and palpation of muscles, tendons, ligaments and the skeleton as well as the aforementioned chinese pulse diagnosis.

horse care
Stretch of foreleg/ elbow manipulation

This allows an acupuncture/chiropractic diagnosis to be made. Treatment can then commence through a combination of gentle manipulation, conventional acupuncture, aqua puncture(injection of natural agents such as homeopathic/homotoxicologic into acupuncture points), chinese pulse diagnosis ,osteopathic and herbal remedies. All of these remedies do not mask a problem or symptom but rather activate the body’s inherent healing processes and point it in the right direction to achieve optimum health and resolution or diminution of the problem enough to allow the horse to perform and compete at its desired level.

Most horses respond quite dramatically within 1-2 treatments and rarely is significant time needed off work. It is often more beneficial to keep the horse in advised work after 48 hours from treatment to allow the body to re adjust and thus heal faster.

All in all you can expect a much freer co-ordinated movement pattern from your horse after treatment if an initial performance limiting problem has been present(very common).

Of course not every problem that besets the equine will respond favourably to these treatments but because of my veterinary training and experience I am naturally in a position to make a definitive diagnosis and thus advise on the best course of action accordingly.

The most common types of problems that are treated are as follows:

  • Back Soreness
  • Saddlefit problems(advice can also be given on saddle fit)
  • Girth soreness
  • Fore and hind gut ulceration
  • Head and neck problems
  • Behaviour related soreness/attitude
  • Tying up/ myositis
  • Immune system problems
  • Back induced urination problems
  • Poor Performance
  • General well being